The Helping Hand

HandiGood produces assistive technologies that function as an extra hand, for people who experience reduced strength or mobility in hands or arms.

When every day tasks such as opening lids or stirring bowls become harder to carry out, it impacts one's quality of life - and HandiGood aims to do something about it.

Everyone ages, some develop arthritis, some are paralyzed, some are in accidents and need rehabilitation -HandiGood is for all the people in the world who need a helping hand.

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A Large Target Audience

Are there times where you experience difficulties with holding and opening pill and jam jars, bottles, cartons, tins or even peeling an egg?

We have a large target audience but most have one thing in common - for one reason or a nother, they have reduced mobility in their arms or hands. Either because of age, illnesses such as arthritis or Parkinson's, brain injuries, thrombus or maybe because of an accident or inherent disability.

The Easy-Up is evident in situations of rehabilitation but also as fixed equipment in rooms where there is a need for assistive technology.

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