Easy-Up på et bord. Easy-Up er hvid og rund med en sort blød skum top og en sort knap på siden til at tænde og slukke.

Products and Accessories

The Easy-Up is an assistive technology for people hit by arthritis, brain injuries, paralysis, or general functional impairment. Just by turning up the Easy-Up, it produces a vacuum which both holds the Easy-Up to the countertop and at the same time fixes an item to its top. This enables you to easily handle the item, whether you’re mixing something a bowl, opening bottles or tins or even stirring pots and pans.

We have two different Easy-Up models:

  • The battery-powered EB-470
  • The rechargeable ER-470


Both models come as single products and with accessory kits, which include:

  • The carton-holder
  • Bottle-holder
  • Easy-Mini for smaller items
  • Easy-Warm for use with hot items such as pots and pans
  • Easy-Release, for instance for opening glass jars


Easy-Up can be used to fix food and drink items, bowls, pots and pans, pill jars and many other items which fit on the surface of the Easy-Up or in one of the accessories.

Regular use:
If you plan on using the Easy-Up every day, we recommend purchasing the rechargeable model .

The Products


This Easy-Up model utilizes a 9V battery. When the Easy-Up no longer fixes items to its surface, the battery needs to be replaced.


The Easy-Up also comes in a rechargeable version. Once the product no longer fixes items to its surface, it must be charged with the accompanying charger. Charging the Easy-Up takes approximately 60 minutes. It is also possible to charge the Easy-Up using a USB charger – this makes it possible to charge the Easy-Up in cars or camper vans as well.

The Easy-Up can be used while it recharges, so you don’t need to worry about loss of power.


All the newest Easy-Up models come with quick-release. Whereas the earlier models (EB-450 and ER-450) had a delayed release of up to 3 seconds, the new models release the fixed object instantly, when it is turned off.

Easy-Up med Easy-Warm, Easy-Drink og Easy-Open på en bordplade.


Easy-Drink™ (ED-400)
Set of 2 drink holders for PET 500ml (plastic bottles) + 1l (Tetra Pak) + 330ml and ½l bottles.

Easy-Mini (EM-400)
Set of round neoprene adapters for smaller items and one rectangular neoprene adapter for differently shaped items.

Easy-Warm™ (EH-400)
2 silicone rings for hot pots and pans (max. 200°C)

Easy-Egg™ (EE-400)
Egg-cup which makes it easy to peel an egg. Includes a cover to protect the surface.

Easy-Open™ (EO-400) (OBS: Out of Stock)
Screw-cap opener for bottles and cartons with screw-on caps.

Easy Release™ (EP-400)
Lid-opener for jars and other lids with a vacuum seal.

Easy-Cover™ (EC-400)
Set of 5 thin neoprene covers which protect the surface of the Easy-Up without getting dirty.



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